Reiki Breathwork & Sound Bath


Get the best of both, Release and Receive! In this workshop, you will be led through two of the best non-invasive healing practices of our time. The session begins with a brief description of the process of Breathwork (no need for prior experience). The breathing process will take approximately 30 minutes, where you will alleviate anxiety and stress, release blocked emotions, and promote Deep Meditation. When the Breathwork concludes, you will continue laying on your mat where you will allow yourself to relax, fall asleep, or stay present with what you are experiencing. You did your work with the Breathwork, now let the healing vibrations do their work on you and for you. Then your body will be bathed and nourished with a Sound Bath. The sound healing instruments create vibrations that promote deep relaxation, expansion of consciousness, and peace. Each instrument is tuned to a specific frequency which opens the body’s entire energetic system. The experience will diminish insomnia, release blocked emotions, promote deep meditation, alleviate anxiety and stress, heighten clarity while improving the ability to concentrate. In this sound bath, listeners simply relax and stay present with what they are experiencing. All throughout the Breathwork and Sound Bath, our Reiki Practitioners will be supporting you with your release, assisting your body’s natural healing process, and encouraging a state of well-being and balance. Learn more and book your spot at at

Every Monday and Wednesday

From July 15, 2019 to August 2, 2019

7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
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