Ceremony Meditation Venice


The moment I walk into Ceremony Meditation my breath deepens and my body relaxes.  The undulating smells of Amazonian incense palo santo and burning sage paired with the tranquil harmonies of floating kirtan music comfort my senses and drop me into a world far away from the buzzing energy of Venice - and that’s just from stepping inside the retail space of the meditation studio. 

Entering the sand-combed garden in the back patio feels like a portal to a monastery tucked away on a remote island. The peaceful garden space is elegantly designed using sacred geometry; it offers a beautiful setting for meditation.  Whether gazing upon the 108 golden Om symbols painted on the wall or listening to the sounds of running water trickling down the enormous Buddha statue, the space invites students to sink into meditation and allow the outside world to melt away. 

Ceremony offers a variety of classes and workshops ranging from ceremonial breath work and meditation to shamanic drum journeys and sound baths. In addition to classes, an array of experienced practitioners offer private Reiki and energy healing sessions. Classes are not limited to these walls; Ceremony also offers corporate meditation classes available to businesses. Owners Roxy Ghoraishy and Travis Majick are always gracious when sharing their knowledge of and passion for practice with newcomers.

Located on Rose Avenue in Venice, Ceremony is a welcome addition to the Westside practice community. For access to all their classes and information, you can download the free app.




417 Rose Ave,
Venice, California 90291

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