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In a shop on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica, Frozen Fruit Co is redefining soft serve. While we may think of typical soft serve as being full of—well, we don’t know what—this small but mighty location is blending frozen fruit into a healthy, plant-based (fully vegan), innovative and delicious dessert.

When it came to creating a menu of treats, Frozen Fruit co-owners Victoria and Michael Philippou were motivated by a love of sweets, along with a commitment to health and an interest in business. London natives, they moved to SoCal after testing their recipes and business concepts in the UK. Why? Well, people in LA are much more used to going out for a cup or a cone, whether it has to do with the weather or our eating habits. The couple left their jobs at a legal firm and uprooted their lives. So far, they’ve gathered some enthusiastic fans with fun flavors like coconut cacao (sweetened with dates), blueberry (combined with apple and pear and full of anti-oxidants), strawberry (a perennial palate-pleaser), and tart raspberry-orange. They rotate some of the flavors and previous faves include mango and pineapple-passionfruit. Keep checking the menu for updates.

Befitting a soft serve storefront reminiscent of a yogurt shop, abundant toppings are available ranging from fresh fruit (try blueberry on blueberry), varieties of chocolate and carob, nuts and seeds (pumpkin seeds offer a mineral-rich option), and granola. Frozen Fruit Co’s menu even features their version of the increasingly popular bowl filled with fruit, granola, and more. Try one for a meal. Delivery is available and the fruit holds up well for transport.


Frozen Fruit Co

Santa Monica



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Outdoor Dining No

Valet Parking No

Pet Friendly No

Farm to Table Focus No

Reservations Suggested No

Metro Access No

Gluten Free Options No


729 Montana Ave #2,
Santa Monica, California 90403

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