Global Infinity Healing Organization


Global Infinity Healing Organization, a Holistic Healing Wellness Center, was recently opened by Olga Onkar Kaur MFT, PhD, a clairvoyant, energy healing practitioner, and Sat Nam Rasayan healer.  She founded the Center to empower people to take their whole health into their own hands, awaken spiritually, and find happiness by creating the life they truly want deep in their heart. 


Olga’s parents were doctors and she grew up in a family of healers. She connected to her intuition at a young age and had clairvoyant experiences as a child, which led her to becoming the healer she is today.

At Global Infinity, Olga works individually with people to provide healing on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. She senses the energetic map of the body and its full spectrum of life experiences. The sessions are unique to the individual and can include a selection of several mind-body-spirit healing techniques like karmic diagnostics, balancing of chakras, angel therapy, crystal therapy, sound healing, and intuitive readings.

The carefully designed space of Global Infinity holds a warm and welcoming energy. The healing table has a beautiful presentation of crystals underneath that connect to the chakras and evoke an immediate sense of calm and ease. In addition to private sessions with Olga, Global Infinity offers a selection of Kundalini yoga classes, workshops, lectures, and seminars. Workshop topics include Conscious Communication, Authentic Communication, and New and Full Moon Ceremonies and Olga also organizes annual retreats to Bali.





7257 Vassar Ave, Ste. 101
Canoga Park, California 91303

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