HB Yoga Collective


The metamorphosis of HB Yoga Collective is a homecoming for many like myself who started their practice here when it was Yoga Place and then YogaWorks. Now, a group of new owners—supported by a community who provided startup capital, workmanship, and locally sourced goods—has created a welcoming environment with classes including yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, Pilates, strength training, and E.L.D.O.A. spinal opening.

For the women with the vision, this union felt like destiny. Kori Strobl, a beloved teacher, was Nicolette David’s mentor in the Yogaworks 300-hour teacher training. They got together with Shina Chen (Ayurvedic practitioner and owner of Rasa Eats). Complemented by their husbands: Jeremy Stobl, who constructed most of the interior decor, Jason Amstutz, a chiropractor teaching spinal therapy and myofascial stretching, and Nick Lekas whose finance expertise is the business’s backbone. “As friends, this has been a fun and creative adventure. We learn from each other every day,” says Kori. “We are committed to ALL that is yoga. We offer meditation classes, kirtan, and philosophy classes featuring renowned teachers such as Dr John Casey,” shares Nicolette.

The location has been transformed; it started with a community gathering where we penciled drawings and affirmations on the walls which were later covered by soothing hues, reclaimed grey wood, and warm sconces. The retail boutique features local artisans, printmakers, homemade products, consciously chosen organic foods, and pristine alkaline water.

I recommend this studio to all my friends. There is something here for everyone, with creative pricing starting at just $69/month. Every detail is touched by the sincere outpouring of love from the owners. 




301 Main Street, Suite 109
Huntington Beach, California

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