The BOD by Kym Herjavec


Let your light shine! Kym Herjevec is an Aussie native turned professional dancer and three-time Dancing with the Stars champion who envisioned building a studio to bring dance fitness to the people. When Kym heard that motivational fitness legend Richard Simmons was closing the doors of his famous Beverly Hills studio Slimmons (after 40 years of sweating with just about everyone), she jumped at the opportunity to move into the space.

About The BOD by Kym Herjavec

Inspired by the millions of people who found fitness as a means to self-acceptance in the 1980s, Kym sought to reinvent the Slimmons space but keep the soul. After a few coats of white paint, the addition of modern gold accents, and floor-to-ceiling curtains, The BOD by Kym Herjavec opened its doors in May with a full schedule of classes. Her goal: for students and clients to feel happy in their own bodies and for fitness to be the result, but fun to be the means.

The BOD by Kym Herjavec offers dance fitness in many forms, with themed classes including Latin, Hip-Hop, and Broadway. Dance Fit BOD is the studio’s signature class; it combines cardio dance with barre and sculpting. A wide variety of other options are also available, such as ‘80s BOD, Latin BOD (learn the moves you see on Dancing with the Stars!), Diva BOD (unleash your inner pop star), Yoga BOD, Mindful BOD (meditation), and R&R BOD (a class devoted to myofascial release through foam rolling). Private lessons in a variety of methods are available. Check out the Bridal BOD Program to get partners ready for their wedding day. If you’re not near Beverly Hills, you can sign up for virtual memberships to The BOD by Kym Online.

The BOD offers an introductory $50 one week unlimited package, and a monthly unlimited summer sale at $199.



9306 Civic Center Drive
Beverly Hills, California 90210

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