The Detox Market, Santa Monica


The words “detox market” may evoke the idea of the trendiest new cleanse, but The Detox Market is a leader in the green beauty space. This retailer carefully curates a variety of lines of skin care, beauty, cosmetics (and yes, some cleanses) that meet the exacting standards of both performance and purity. Founder and CEO Romain Gaillard says, “We recognize that there has been a significant shift in what clients are looking for – the beauty world needs a serious detox, and we are here to help. We want people to know they don’t need to choose between purity and efficacy!”


Gaillard founded The Detox Market in 2010 as a pop-up shop on Abbot Kinney in Venice. A robust online presence, Beauty Corners in five Cafe Gratitude locations, two stores in Toronto, The Detox Market on Beverly Boulevard in West Hollywood, and now Santa Monica have followed. In addition to a wide selection of brands, they offer their own line for sale, Odacite.


When I walked in from Montana Avenue, I was struck by the coastal cottage vibe and clean, inviting space. The design is intentional. Gaillard says, “We want to reflect Santa Monica’s warm, California aesthetic in the look and feel of the space, so we designed the store to resemble a contemporary beach house where customers feel comfortable spending time discovering the latest that high-end clean beauty has to offer.” The knowledgeable sales team is available seven days a week (10am through 6pm) to make recommendations and answer questions. Ample testers mean that you can connect with products before making a purchase. 


The Detox Market,, Santa Monica, CA




1231 Montana Ave
Santa Monica, California 90403

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