So, you’re getting more into yoga. You’ve been attending classes for a while, and you’ve gotten a good handle on all the basics. Beyond taking even more classes, how can you continue to deepen your practice?

Read yogic texts.

They’re undoubtedly dense, but if you’re serious about yoga, there’s really no better way to dive in than by reading some of the yogic texts. From the traditional Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and Hatha Yoga Pradipika to the newer Yoga Mala and Light On Yoga, reading even excerpts will help you see yoga in a new light.

Start a home practice.

Going to class over and over often feels easier than practicing at home, and even experienced students feel intimidated by the idea of doing yoga on their own. But learning to practice alone can be a key step in growing as a yogi. Even if you feel uncomfortable at first, try out some basic poses at home and see how it goes.

Try different styles of yoga.

There are so many different styles of yoga, from active to passive and traditional to modern. Trying new-to-you classes can really push you in different ways, even if you’re already an advanced yogi. Getting familiar with different styles and understanding their relationship to each other will also give you a more holistic understanding of yoga.

Take beginner classes again.

As you get more advanced in yoga, you should take harder classes, right? Not necessarily. As yogis advance, they often find themselves wanting to return to the basics. Taking beginner classes is a way to keep enhancing your alignment, strengthening your foundation in yoga, and remembering things about the practice that you may have forgotten along the way.

Create a DIY retreat.

If you have the time and money, attending a yoga retreat can be an amazing way to disconnect from day-to-day life and dive into the practice. But for most people, a DIY retreat is much more feasible. Take a day or a weekend to clear your schedule and unplug from all your devices. Register for various types of classes, commit to doing a home practice, make time for reading and journaling, or even book a massage. It might lack the exotic locale, but this kind of experience can help you reset and focus on your practice at home.

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19 Sep 2017