The round revolution - the benefits of circular yoga mats

Being one of the first companies to create round yoga mats, we have had a lot of people ask us: why? what are the benefits of a circular mat? Well, we're glad you asked...


Spend more time on the mat

We don’t like stepping off our yoga mat onto the cold, hard studio floor any more than you do! Not only does it break your flow and focus, but you also lose the cushioning and support your mat provides.

In many poses where you come into contact with the floor on a rectangular mat, you won't have the same problem on a round mat; instead maintaining contact throughout (such as wide-leg stance or lying on your back with your hands to your side). Of course, there are some positions on the round mat where you may find your feet touching the floor, such as plank or press-up, but overall you will find you are on your mat a lot more with a round mat.

Round mats also have the advantage of never needing to be rotated mid-class; when your instructor asks you to face a different direction: simply turn your body and you're good to go. Try not to look too smug as everyone else is moving their mats about!


Create your own space

Round mats help you to create your own area to workout in, at home or in the studio. Instead of working to stay within the confines of a thin, narrow rectangular strip; round mats create space around you to move in any direction. After all, we don’t simply move backwards and forwards in life, we move in 3 dimensions! If you're a fan of working out at home, be sure to check out our home yoga series of articles.

The mats also create fantastic spaces to relax on, take outside, or create a safe, comfortable space for children to play on.


Increase focus

Round shapes have been proven to have a positive effect on the mind- the lack of corners can help improve your performance during a yoga flow or workout. Sitting in the centre of the mat during a meditation practice can help create a calm, safe space helping you to get more from your quiet time.

Great for teachers

The round mats also offer some great advantages for teachers:

  • Move in all directions to demonstrate poses or salutations easily;
  • No turning the mat to demonstrate positions from different angles;
  • Dynamic class setup options, such as placing the mat in the centre of the studio and facing the class attendees inwards.


Best in class

So give it go, try a round yoga mat today and turn your workout around!


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06 Jun 2018

By Form